I don’t know what possessed me to draw this.  But it does seem like a crappy temp job that Thom would wind up in.

Thom is adogfornoreason

oh dude!! This is so awesome!! :D thanks so much! I needed it so bad, been a bad day (apart from anything else, we came home to a power cut and the power has only just now come back on at 9pm).

And yes, Thom has done all kinds of jobs like this. Looks like he’s got it easy by comparison with his current dumb-as-rocks and box-obsessed AI helper.

managed to do a drawing. Here’s Thom waiting for the moment to use a stasis thrower. 

"First Day on the Job"

Check out this amazing drawing by Frankie Ancelotti (fa) (twitter), commissioned by Uaine Sionnach (fa) (twitter)!

It’s the green fox’s first day on the job as a REZQ Recovery operative. He’s excited to be in space, and this eager snapshot captures an encounter with Thom—who is bewildered both by the new guy’s enthusiasm and by his own experience of having to provide the scant half-hour of “training”. Because it’s not like Thom knows what he’s doing.

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this is what thom mostly used to look like

i massively stripped back my style deliberately a couple years back because i really wanted to move more towards the Cartoon side of things than the Furry side of things

nothing against the Furry side of things, I just realised i was no good at it

I haven’t given up

Writing this slyly at work o_o

I’ve not done much drawing lately, despite my vocal vows to get the first REZQ comic short done (and gathering much-appreciated advice on the same from some cool people).

There is a reason for this though. Obviously I’ve been working full-time in a day job since January and that has slowed me down anyway, but the complete stop of recent weeks is because I have (happily) taken on a contract to soundtrack another mobile game (I previously soundtracked the ipad game Cruel Jewels and this is for the same company).

Obviously as one of my ambitions is to maintain at least a side-career in music-making, I could not and would not turn this down. But the clear implication of this is that making music and sound effects is going to take up my drawing time for a couple of months (they know I’m doing this in my spare time and are happy with this; I iterate song versions very quickly).

So what I’m saying is: I will be back and so will the miserable space dog. I might commission the odd picture or two of him just to keep the blog ticking over in the meantime (artist suggestions welcomed).

So stay tuned!!!

just tried to draw something to break the weeks of not drawing; will attempt to get something a bit more coherent as i gather momentum

I dreamt

that i had completed, printed and perfect-bound a copy of a REZQ graphic novel.

Given how life is going at the moment this seems the closest I’ll ever get to making this happen

some really helpful i’ve had on improving and refining my ~style~ has included the suggestion that i diversify the silhouettes / general shapes of characters i design a bit. 

i totall agree so this is the first attempt to start thinking of different body types and shapes for characters in the comic. i think there’s still a lot of pushing to do but i’m glad to finally make a start.

furryrobots reblogged your post style dilemma and added:

Having recently completed a 24 page comic, I would suggest keeping with Circleface thom(tm) for simplicity’s sake.

Simplicity (for that reason) has definitely always been an aim. So yes :3

style dilemma

I’ve got a dilemma about how I draw Thom. 

I think that, while some people weren’t such a big fan, I am happy in general with the move away from the “furry house style” anthro Thom as I used to draw him, and more towards cartoons (where my aesthetic interests lie). 

But I’m kind of starting to feel the limitations of the massively stripped-down style that I’ve developed. IE "circle-face" Thom

I originally went in this direction for two main reasons, both aesthetic and practical:

1. To get away from the “furry house style” which I found increasingly uncanny 
2. To make Thom much quicker to draw (moving away from attempting to draw “realistic” musculature base and sticking a dog head on top and towards a more free-flowing, energetic approach based on gesture etc).

The trouble is that while 2 turned out to be fairly successful at first, freeing me from the painstaking attempt to reconcile human and canine bodies in a visually pleasing way, and moving me back towards the cartoon territory that is, ultimately, my first love, I think the doggedly (lol) simplified outcome (where Thom really is just a circle for a head and a fairly generic cartoony body) has left him visually indistinct—with a boring silhouette and an inability to express much. Also, ironically, I now seem to spend just as long getting him to look right as I did when I was drawing him more anthro style.

Now, I want to do a REZQ comic. I have one all planned out. And I know you’re never quite at the point where you’re “ready” to do somethign like this, and you have to just DO IT (my experience as a musician has taught me this) but I feel like I’m at the point where if I do start and I do go down this road with the style I have now, I’m going to struggle. I’m going to struggle because the limitations of circleface Thom will be laid bare in his inability to hold up a comic visually, and his exposing of my amateurishness as an artist. And I’m going to struggle because this anxiety is going to gnaw away at me the whole time I’m trying to put it together.

So I guess my dilemma is: do I plough on ahead with circleface Thom, or do I hold off, try another redesign and perhaps end up delaying it for months longer, possibly letting the shine come even further off the project for me and anyone who might read it?


what are other rezq universe characters besides thom?


there are two other characters “confirmed” in my plan for the first short rezq comic. both of them are humans (most characters will be humans). They are father and son and they own and operate a hazardous waste conveyance barge called Non Erit. 

I can’t say more than that right now!!

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here’s an awesome drawing of Thom that @greevixor very kindly did today :D

Looks like the SSRIs kicked in!!

ok i give up on this

as you can see, everything i know about lighting and shade i learned from the buttons in windows 3.1

@kosmosxipo this is for u